John Weisman


Direct Action CoverBLACK OPS: The shadow wars; the down-and-dirty work of CIA/Special Operations ...

On the eve of a groundbreaking U.S.–China summit, a covert CIA black ops team assigned to bug a Chinese nuclear test site is captured by Islamic terrorists. An explosive situation goes from bad to catastrophic when the terrorists ambush a Chinese army convoy, highjack a highly unstable nuclear device ... and arm it. On orders from the President, Major Michael Ritzik, the young CO of a top secret element of the Army's elite Delta Force, must lead his men on an impossible rescue/disarmament mission -- even as Beijing dispatches its own special forces to deal with the impending threat. Ritzik and his shadow warriors will need to employ speed, surprise, and violence of action to beat the Chinese to the target, free the captives, disarm the nuke, and escape without leaving any fingerprints. Failure is not an option -- because the unthinkable has suddenly become a very real possibility.

Critical Acclaim

"There are only a few authors who are able to climb inside the culture, mindset, and passions of the people who conduct covert and special operations. John Weisman and SOAR reveals to you why he’s the best in the business in writing about it. " — WILLIAM S. COHEN, FORMER DEFENSE SECRETARY

“Thank God John Weisman is on our side! He knows how America can and will fight when we must, and he knows that future wars will be nothing like the past. No one will put this down. Some may even sign up. If you have a seat belt, fasten it.” — RICHARD PERLE, CHAIRMAN OF DEFENSE POLICY BOARD AND FORMER ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE

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